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Why choose a in home care provider over boarding?

We are huge animal lovers!! We know that when you take your pets out of their natural environment they can be come overly stressed resulting in health concerns. They can have over whelming anxiety leading to high blood pressure and huge amounts of stress. Many times they are so confused and stressed they may go the entire length of time with out eating. By allowing us to come to you they are allowed to be comfy and stress free. We follow all instructions of feeding and play time as you have provided  while making sure to keep your home secure. We make sure to check all windows and doors to always be locked and alarms set.  We make sure to bring in the mail and newspaper daily to ensure no one can tell that someone is not there for the time your gone. The best part is your loved ones get to have so much special attention while your gone to make sure they fell loved and not lonely. If you have any extra needs please just let us know!!

Are you insured?

Yes are are fully Licenced, Insured and Bonded. We are members of the National

Association of Professional Pet Sitters as well Pet Sitters International.


What if there is an emergency

We take high priority in the care of your pet and the last thing you want to worry about

is what if something happened. In our vet release form we are allowed to take your pet(s)

to receive the care they need if we are unable to contact you or have you inform us what you

would like to be done if you are able to be reached.


Do I meet who will be taking care of my pet(s)?

Yes you will ALWAYS do a consultation to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the surroundings of their environment. If anyone feels uncomfortable they do have the right to deny service from the sitter or the client. Safety is our number one priority and do not want any hesitation from either party to not feel safe or secure!


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