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Have you ever wondered what your sitter does in your home or how was the visit? We now have a way to take another step beyond great service and that is to show you first hand! We offer a variety of packages to allow you to see what is going on in your home or walk while using our service.

How does it work?

Dog walk

When we come for our visit for your pet(s) we start our body cam prior to entering your home. This allows you to see what we see when we arrive and how the home and your pet(s) are doing as soon as we enter. This cam does not shut off during the visit and will continue to run though the entire visit till it is over. This ensures you the quality you are paying for and as well provides the assurance of the care for your pet(s) and the respect of your home. When the visit is over it will be sent directly to your e-mail to show you how the visit went.

Over Night Pet Sitting(in clients home)

All we need is access to your homes wifi and when we arrive we set up our wifi live webcam we provide during the time of our care. We position it in the place that you have specified during our consult where you would like it. Not only does this give you live stream of your pet and sitter during our care it allows you to have extra security for your home. This allows you to view your pet when your sitter is away from your home to see how they are doing as well you have the option of adding additional cams in different locations of your home for an additional fee per cam. When we go for our walks or play time during the specified times while in your home we will record the walk or playtime on our body cam and will be sent directly to your e-mail when done. As well constant sms updates during our care for your pet(s)

Weekly clients have the option to have access to the wifi cams to stay in their home for them to be able to monitor their pet(s)while they are away and to as well see their sitter during the time they are there.  As  well it provides extra security of their home when no one is there. - $20 per month

Boarding (in Private Sitters Home)

During the care of your pet in our sitters home a live cam will be allowed to view in the commons area. This allows you to see the day to day interactions of your pet. This ensures you the safety of your pet and their health.

Dog walker pet sitter

Quick  Look Of Our Virtual Services


Initial In-Home Consultation Free


15 Minute Visit / Walk                            $20

Restricted areas only 


30 Minute Visit / Walk                             $26


45 Minute Visit / Walk                             $32


60 Minute Visit / Walk                             $38


Lunch-Time 10:00a.m-2:00pm, Monday-Friday Walk Packages 15 Minute Walks - $75 ($15/walk)


Lunch-Time, Monday-Friday, Walk Package 30 Minute Walks - $100 ($20/walk)


Overnight Petsitting $75 Boarding  - 1 Virtual Cam

(In clients Home) 7pm-8am

*holiday times may change



Boarding $65 under 20lbs / $75 over 20lbs

(In Private Sitters Home)


$10 Charge for each additonal Virtual Cam per day

$3 Charge for each additional dog after 2 dogs

$2 Charge for each cat in home if care is needed

$5 Charge per visit for day prior, day of and after all major holidays



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